Minor in Legal Studies

Massachusetts State House

Many students choose to intern in local and state government, including at the Massachusetts State House.

The Legal Studies Program offers students the opportunity to examine broad interdisciplinary questions about the role of law and justice arising in a complex world. Courses are open to students from all majors; the only prerequisites for Legal Studies are the curiosity to ask critical questions and the passion to explore social change.

The Legal Studies Program is an interdepartmental program that considers challenges and perspectives that reach across most academic disciplines at Brandeis. More than 135 students minor in Legal Studies each year, making it one of the most popular majors at Brandeis. Minors must complete six courses, including two core courses, three electives and a hands-on experience.

In the words of the famous Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, "The study of law should be introduced as part of a liberal education, to train and enrich the mind." For almost 50 years, the Legal Studies Program has taken up this challenge. Today, our mission is to advance the understanding of law by:

Academics and Research

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