A Multilevel, Multidisciplinary, Lifespan Approach to Healthy Aging

From cells to cognition and care

Digital illustration of a neuron

The Brandeis Lifespan Initiative on Healthy Aging (LIHA) promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship to optimize health and well-being across the lifespan.

Our work embraces a comprehensive developmental approach, examining biomedical, behavioral and societal factors in healthy aging. Drawing on broad and deep interdisciplinary research talent across the university, LIHA is committed to advancing scholarship that supports optimal aging by targeting or preventing problems before they develop.

Cells, cognition, and care broadly define the Brandeis lifespan research agenda. Optimal aging depends on a two-pronged approach of reducing disability and its impact, while maximizing function on all levels, from the molecular to the social. Our research focuses on advancing knowledge that will prevent and treat neurologic diseases and cellular damage, enhance memory function, reduce stress, encourage supportive friendships and family relationships, optimize work settings, ease economic burdens, and provide quality care in later life.