Class Correspondent

George Grayson writes, “Having promised my wife I would retire no later than my 70th birthday, I left my pulmonary office practice at the end of 2010. When our younger daughter went off to college in 2000, we downsized, selling the big ranch house and moving to a condo in Virginia Beach, Va., one block from the ocean. Weather permitting, I take the dog for a run on the beach twice a day, but, since retirement, we are only rarely there early enough to watch the sun rise. Although afternoons and weekends are unstructured, we spend the mornings at the gym, alternating between SilverSneakers and Fluid Moves, or I’m at my attending positions at the Virginia Beach tuberculosis clinic (paid) or the free clinic (volunteer). We have no grandchildren as yet but always look forward to visits from both daughters and the one son-in-law.” Lucy Nathan Kashangaki reports she is in her 50th year of living in Nairobi, Kenya, with her husband, Joe. She retired from primary-school teaching at the end of 1999 and spent the following decade doing volunteer teaching with underprivileged teenage girls and visually impaired primary-school pupils, in conjunction with the American Women’s Association. She writes, “Now I’m enjoying my lifelong study of languages begun at Brandeis, where I took courses in French, Spanish, German and Italian. I have added Russian, Swahili and my husband’s Kihaya language to the list. I spent summer 1983 studying in Germany on a Goethe-Institut scholarship and later earned a diploma in commercial French translation from the Sorbonne. My other ‘hobby’ is keeping up with our five sons, daughter, daughters-in-law, son-in-law and 11 grandchildren on two continents.” William Sizeler and his wife, Jane, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last summer. They have five grandchildren, ranging in age from 8 to 16. His firm, Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, is still helping to rebuild southeastern Louisiana from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The firm, which is based in New Orleans, is working on a number of rebuilding projects, including four new schools, a library, a community center, a new hospital and medical office building, major additions to two other hospitals, a soccer stadium and a major shopping mall. The firm won an American Institute of Architects design award for the Lakeshore Library in Metairie, La. William serves on the boards of Teach for America, Delgado Community College and the Tulane University Associates.
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