Kristine Pedersen, Heller MA’11, was the subject of a profile in The Telegraph, an English-language daily newspaper in Calcutta, India. She serves as director of the 205-student Piyali Learning Centre, located about 90 minutes from south Calcutta, which educates girls and empowers women. “I decided to come so that I could make a big, tangible difference,” she told the reporter. “The unexpected bonus is that what was intended to be a purely academic engagement has now extended to creating a dormitory for students who are in danger of being sexually trafficked, vocational training for mothers to become economically independent, and creating a global market for the handicrafts made by Piyali women. The more challenging it becomes, the more impact we have the chance to make!” Samantha Richert, MFA’11, starred as a New York University graduate student in the Nora Theatre Company’s production of Sarah Treem’s “The How and the Why” at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, Mass. Daniel Gidron ’66, MFA’68, directed the show. Davis Acker, MA’12, married Allison Wiseman on Jan. 5 at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nashville, Tenn. The couple met in 2009 when each was selected for a Teach for America teaching position in St. Louis. Davis is an analyst at the Northeast States Emergency Consortium in Wakefield, Mass.
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