Biosafety Training

For any Biosafety Training related questions, please contact the Biosafety Office at or at 781-736-8136.

Biosafety Training

Training in Biosafety is conducted generally, through online and in-person training sessions, as well as hands-on, specific training in each individual lab in which experiments are performed.

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Online CITI Training in Biosafety

We are pleased to offer online Biosafety Training through the CITI Program for all personnel conducting research involving rDNA; infectious agents or viruses; human blood, fluids, tissues, or cell lines; and select agents. 

Please follow the link below to complete the Biosafety Training.  When you have completed the training with a score of 85% or higher on all modules, a completion report will automatically be sent to the Biosafety Office.  However, we encourage you to print out and keep a copy of the completion report for your own records.

After following the instructions for setting up a CITI account, on the Curriculum Selection Page for Question #5 (Training in Biosafety), select Learner Group #2 Researchers.

In-Person Biosafety Training
In-person training in Biosafety is conducted at Fall Student Orientation Sessions, and on-demand, as needed.  Please contact the Biosafety Office at to arrange a training session.
Virus Training
All personnel who will be involved with lentivirus, AAV, rabies virus, etc. must complete in-person and hands-on Virus Training with Dr. Frank Sangiorgi.  Please contact the Biosafety Office at to arrange a training session.