Your career as a Brandeis student promises you a wealth of educational opportunities in and out of the classroom. You will be a member of a community of learners dedicated to academic excellence with a commitment to social justice and community. 


You will register for classes before you arrive at Brandeis.  Specific information will be sent to your Brandeis email account.  For questions about registration, contact the Office of the University Registrar at 781-736-2010.


You will have a rich advising network to support you, including academic advisors, Roosevelt Fellows, professors and staff from Academic Services, Hiatt Career Center and the Registrar. These students, faculty and staff will help you plan, manage and complete your academic career. Your academic advisor will help you navigate academic requirements and prepare an educational program that complements your interests and goals.

For those seeking academic advising over the summer, contact the Office of Academic Services at 781-736-3470.

AP/IB Credit

For questions regarding claiming credit for your AP/IB examinations, email 

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