Roosevelt Fellow Information

Updated as of 03/30/2020:

Roosevelt Fellow Peer Advisors will hold virtual same day appointments via Google Hangouts in the afternoon on days classes are in session through Friday April 24.  Please scroll down to book with your preferred RF based on their office hours. RFs will also make themselves available as they are able for appointments outside of scheduled office hours. Roosevelt Fellows are specially trained to answer questions about course registration and academic planning, academic policies, as well as Brandeis core and major requirements. They can also offer their perspective as students on managing the transition to online learning. No RF Office Hours will be held on April 8-10 and April 15-16 in observance of Passover break.

Roosevelt Fellows

Roosevelt Fellow Group Photo


Who are the Roosevelt Fellows?

Roosevelt Fellows are a group of junior and senior peer academic advisors. They offer the informed and accessible student perspective on academics at Brandeis. They go through a rigorous selection process and receive extensive training on the Brandeis curriculum and academic policies as well as listening skills and advising techniques. Roosevelt Fellows represent a variety of academic interests and identities, are active across campus, and are very familiar with Brandeis resources. 

Who can utilize Roosevelt Fellows?

Each first year and transfer student is assigned a Roosevelt Fellow as a point of contact, but all students can utilize Roosevelt Fellows as a resource!

How can I talk with Roosevelt Fellows?

Roosevelt Fellows offer academic advising through same-day drop in hours, email advising, and academic events. Drop-in hours are located in Academic Services lobby on the second floor of Usdan Student Center. Sign ups for drop in hours are at the Academic Services front desk. Any undergraduate student can feel free to contact any of the Roosevelt Fellows, especially if you think you may share a common interest. If you are a first-year or transfer student, a Roosevelt Fellow will also be emailing you periodically with academic updates and reminders.

What can I talk to Roosevelt Fellows about? 

You can talk to the Roosevelt Fellows about a variety of different academic topics including:

  • course registration support
  • academic planning
  • understanding curriculum, major/minor, and pre-health requirements
  • understanding academic policies
  • exploring majors and minors
  • balancing academics and extracurriculars
  • study skills and time management
  • building relationships with professors and getting involved in research
  • transitioning to college
  • accessing campus resources

What if the Roosevelt Fellow assigned to me doesn't share my academic interests?

If you'd like to speak with a specific Roosevelt Fellow outside of the one you were assigned, please feel free to review the bios and drop in schedule and contact anyone in the group. If you want to talk to a specific Roosevelt Fellow and can't meet with them during their drop-in hours, feel free to email them to set up an appointment on campus! All Roosevelt Fellows have extensive training on the Brandeis curriculum and academic policies, regardless of their major or academic interest, so often you will find any Roosevelt Fellow can answer your questions.

Where can I learn more about the program?

The Roosevelt Fellows post frequent updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also speak with a current Roosevelt Fellow or the program coordinators, Katie Dunn and Erin Flood.

2019-2020 Roosevelt Fellows


Majors and Minors Other Information Office Hours (Link to Book)
Emily Arkin IIM Communications and Media Studies, Near Eastern and Judiac Studies, minors in Anthropology & Social Justice Social Policy Midyear Student, First Generation College Student Tuesday 1-2PM
Anushka Ghosh Biology, Studio Art, minor in Chemistry Pre-Health Student, First Generation College Student Friday 1-2PM
Ben Katcher Biology, Health Science Society and Policy Pre-Health Student Thursdays 3-4PM
Yinan Liang Psychology, minor in Theater Gateway Scholar, International Student Tuesday 2-4PM
Yini Liang Neuroscience, Biology Midyear Student, Pre-Health Student, First Generation College Student Monday 1-3PM
Eliana Padwa History, minor in Teacher Education Thursdays 1-2PM
Ahmad Samad
Biology, Health Science Society and Policy Pre-Health Student, MLK Fellow, First Generation College Student Wednesday 2-3PM
Regina Tham Biology, Health Science Society and Policy, minor in East Asian Studies Pre-Health Student, First Generation College Student Wednesdays 1-2PM
Eli Wasserman International and Global Studies, Health Science Society and Policy, minor in Anthropology Midyear Student

Fridays 2-3PM

Amanda Xia Business, Economics, minor in Health Science Society and Policy Thursdays 2-3PM
Wanchen Zhao

Psychology, Philosophy

International Student

Monday 3-4PM

Roosevelt Fellow Biographies 

Emily Arkin

My name is Emily Arkin! I'm a senior from San Diego, California, majoring in Communication Studies and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) and minoring in Anthropology and the Social Justice and Social Policy (SJSP). It's a mouthful, I know! On campus I work in the Division of Student Affairs, am a part of the Brandeis Latinx Student Organization (BLSO), and sing in an a cappella group. I'm also a proud midyear and first generation college student. My favorite piece of advice to give to first year students is to remember to build a balanced and healthy life! It's so easy to get caught up in all the excitement of school- remember to spend time on your physical and mental health in addition to your academic and social life! In addition to figuring out life at Brandeis, you can talk to me about Saturday Night Live, ice cream, and life-hacks for conquering the cold!

Anushka Ghosh

My name is Anushka Ghosh, I currently live in Westborough, Massachusetts, but I’m originally from India. At Brandeis, I will be pursuing biology with a minor in studio art and chemistry and am on the pre-health track. I am also a first-generation college student and have experience adjusting to the college lifestyle. In addition, I’m part of the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps and the boxing club. You can talk to me about pre-med requirements, scheduling, late night comedy, or places to travel! 

Ben Katcher

My name is Ben Katcher and I am from Sudbury, MA (very close to Brandeis!), and I am a senior Biology and HSSP major and pre-med student.  I currently work as a coordinator for Alumni Weekend, and I volunteer with Waltham Group at the Prospect Hill Community Center.  I also used to be an editor on the Justice and I served as the president of the men's rugby club.  My biggest advice to first-years is to use your resources - Brandeis has so many wonderful advisors (both faculty and peer) who are always ready to help.  I don't know what I would have done without the Pre-Health advisors!  Also, don't be afraid to explore - Brandeis is the perfect place to try new things and discover your passions.  You can talk to me about any aspects of the pre-med process, getting involved with research, balancing schedules, or which Instagram accounts have the cutest dogs!

Yinan Liang

My name is Yinan Liang and I am from Beijing, China. Psychology is my major and Theater Arts is my minor. I was a cheerleader, a member of the Waltham Group, a vice president of Chinese Students and Scholars Association and an actress in the Senior Festival. I am also a research assistant in Angela Gutchess's lab focusing on memories and cultures. I identify myself as an international student in my final year who was also a Gateway scholar and a Schiff Fellow. A piece of advice for first-years is feel free to reach out to as many resources as you can on campus. All the faculty at Brandeis are really kind and helpful. You can talk to me about food, movies, music, museums, basketball, gossip, relationships, or just anything about life!

Yini Liang

My name is Yini Liang, and I’m a senior majoring in Neuroscience and Biology. I’m from Londonderry, NH, a small town that is also the home of Stonyfield Yogurt and the second largest Market Basket. I moved from Guangzhou, China when I was pretty young, so I owe all my language skills to Subtle Asian Traits. Around campus, you can usually find me waiting in line at Dunkin’ or  around the C-Store trying to spend my meal swipes. Occasionally, I’ll be in the library mumbling to myself while studying my Mandarin flashcards on Quizlet. I also do research in the Spatial Orientation Laboratory and volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital down the street. I am a first-generation college student, a Midyear, and on the Pre-Health track, so no worries, I understand the struggle. A piece of advice is to find who you are when you are not a student. College is a perfect time to try new things, so don’t be afraid to join a new sport, instrument, hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn! Feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat about navigating your first year at Brandeis, the best Dim Sum places in Chinatown, or what you are most looking forward to this year!

Eliana Padwa

My name is Eliana Padwa, a junior from New York studying History and teacher education. At Brandeis, I am involved in the Justice, run a Judaic studies academic journal, work at the Women's Studies Research Center, and am involved in Brandeis Bridges, an initiative to strengthen ties between Black and Jewish students at Brandeis. I'd definitely advise first-years to take on commitments slowly; leave yourself some room to breathe! You can talk to me about anything, from picking classes to the New York Times to navigating Brandeis life.

Ahmad Samad

My name is Ahmad Samad, a senior MLK fellow majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP). With family on both sides of the pond, I grew up spending most of my time between Tampa and London. On campus, I can often be found somewhere in the Shapiro Science Center, where I have worked in the Garrity Laboratory as a technician and research assistant, as well as a teaching assistant for Organic Chem lab. In order to unwind and take a break from academics, I often enjoy participating in Greek life activities on campus, volunteering for Waltham Group, or breaking a sweat in Gosman. As a piece of advice for first-years, I highly recommend practicing methods of self-care, especially during exam time. It may seem almost impossible when you have back to back assignments due, along with papers, exams, etc.; however, the earlier you start the easier your transition and ability to adjust will be. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding how to apply for a lab position, class recommendations, or tips on how to tackle pre-med classes as effectively as possible.

Regina Tham

My name is Regina Tham, I am a senior majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy with a minor in East Asian Studies and I’m also a pre-health student. I am a first-generation college student from Quincy, MA (home of the first Dunkin' Donuts!). On campus, I am is the Vice-President for Brandeis Asian American Students Association (BAASA), work as a lab technician, and am also a TA. Off campus, I am also involved in community organizing and social justice work in Boston’s Chinatown. Last summer, I studied abroad in Suzhou, China. I love reading, going to concerts, and drinking bubble tea! My biggest advice for the Class of 2023 is to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people and try new things! You can talk to me about being a science major/pre-med at Brandeis, where to get bubble tea in Boston, or anything else!

Eli Wasserman

My name is Eli Wasserman, I am a rising senior from Bethesda, Maryland, majoring in international and global studies and health, science, society, and policy with a minor in anthropology. Outside of being a Roosevelt Fellow, I am an orientation CORE member (someone who helps plan orientation for incoming students), the member of an all-gender cappella group, Rather Be Giraffes, and an intern at an LGBT+ health organization in the Boston area. I am also a proud mid-year student! During my mid-year semester, I participated in the Brandeis London program, traveled, and learned how to be a college student. You can talk to me about how to talk with professors, amazing classes to take at Brandeis, and good Netflix originals (I've seen A LOT).

Amanda Xia

My name is Amanda Xia and I’m from Concord, Massachusetts. I’m double majoring in Economics and Business with a minor in HSSP – if you are unsure about what to major in, come to me for advice, because I also had no clue! Outside of class, I volunteer with Waltham group and hang out with local elementary schoolers, give tours to prospective students, and am always finding free time to watch The Office. I also just returned from a semester of studying abroad in Copenhagen and am excited to talk about my experiences abroad. Otherwise, you can talk to me about how to navigate Brandeis, what to do around Boston or anything else you may have questions about. A piece of advice that my brother told me before coming to college was to not be afraid to sit with strangers - it helped me be braver in meeting new people and get to know the friends I’m still close with today!

Wanchen Zhao

My name is Wanchen Zhao, a junior and international student from Zhengzhou, China studying psychology and philosophy. I work as a research assistant at the Aging, Culture, and Cognition Lab and an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the psychology department. Outside of my work and study, I am one of the tournament directors of the debate team (Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society) and a peer supporter at Students Talking About Relationships. When free, I enjoy reading poetry, hanging out in Boston with friends, and getting extra sleep. You can talk to me about your favorite restaurants around Brandeis! One piece of advice I would give for first-year students is to experiment in classes you are interested in even if it’s not something in your comfort zone.