S21 Symposium

A student speaks at the symposium with a group of students standing behind him

Solutions for 21st Century Medicine

The Summit offers delegates the opportunity to conduct their own original research and to propose groundbreaking and innovative solutions to thorny problems of contemporary medicine.

Over the course of the Summit week, each delegate group pioneers its own original project for a closing symposium, Solutions for the 21st Century (S21). The group identifies a medical issue of 21st century relevance, conducts original research, and develops its own proposed solution to the problem. The project allows delegates to hone their skills as future scientists. They review medical articles on the cutting-edge of medical thought, create an abstract, and work together as a team to produce a poster that captures the science behind their solution. The S21 project culminates in a professional symposium with final presentations of the groups' original work before a panel of expert judges.

Throughout this process, delegates develop their critical thinking skills, their research and presentation abilities, and learn to work collaboratively to achieve solutions. The project gives delegates vitally important experience in skills that they will use in their future studies and careers.