Troubling Off-Campus Incident

April 2, 2016

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

I am deeply troubled and profoundly concerned to learn that Friday night there was an incidence of crude graffiti involving a swastika outlined in condensation on a window at a house where several Brandeis students live off-campus, and where an unofficial event hosted by a Jewish group was being held.

That a swastika, with all the horrors it represents, would be marked anywhere is reprehensible, and when our students may have been the target of this symbol of hatred, we are compelled to speak out against injustice.

On behalf of the Brandeis family and our larger community, I condemn this malicious action. In my opinion, there is no place in society for such a despicable display of intolerance and hatred. Such heinous acts violate every value for which Brandeis stands. As the only non-sectarian university in the country founded by the American Jewish community, we are united in our commitment to social justice, citizenship, integrity, civility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect.

We have notified the Waltham Police Department about this incident, and our campus police will work with them in every way possible to identify the perpetrator(s). I urge anyone with information to reach out to the Waltham Police at 781-314-3600.  I have asked the Brandeis Police department to keep me apprised of the progress of the investigation into this incident and will share any significant developments with the community. 


Lisa M. Lynch