Armed Subject

BENS Alert: Armed subject on campus. Take shelter; lock doors, windows; silence cell phone and remain quiet. Don't let anyone in room until area cleared by authorities. - Posted 11/20/17, 11:54 PM EST

Affiliated Programs

American studies sponsors university programs in environmental studies, journalism and legal studies. More information is available from the following, or by clicking on the links to the left:

Environmental Studies
Director:  Laura J. Goldin
Associate Professor of the Practice in Environmental Studies and Internship Director for the Environmental Studies Program
Rabb 347
(781) 736-3075

Director:  Maura Jane Farrelly
Assistant Professor of American Studies
Brown 327
(781) 736-2224

Legal Studies
Director:  Richard Gaskins
Proskauer Chair in Law and Social Welfare
Brown 313
(781) 736-3028