Public Safety

University Police

Our mission is to ensure that the Brandeis campus is safe and enjoyable for all who choose to live, study and work here.

Public Safety is a service-oriented, professional police department dedicated to our campus community’s safety and well-being. Our staff includes about 30 full-time and part-time police officers who provide 24/7 protection of life and property on our 325-acre campus.

In addition, we partner with the community on a variety of initiatives. The department manages the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCO), a group of trained student-volunteers who provide emergency medical care on campus. We provide scheduled van and shuttle services around campus, as well as into Waltham, Cambridge and Boston. Public Safety also manages more than 25 parking lots and two miles of roadways on campus.

Professional Standards

University police officers are commissioned in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 22c, Section 63 of Massachusetts General Laws. They have full law enforcement authority, including arrest, in and upon all property owned, occupied or used by Brandeis University. The department consists of a chief, a lieutenant, five sergeants, 15 police officers, two security officers and four parking monitors who patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The university police enjoy strong professional relationships with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Public safety works closely with the Waltham police when incidents arise that require joint investigative efforts, resources, crime related reports and exchange information as deemed necessary. When a Brandeis student is involved in an off campus offense, Waltham Police officers will document the incident. The report will be forwarded to the director of public safety who will advise the dean of students for additional follow up.