Oral Communication

Last updated: August 28, 2019 at 2:18 PM


The oral communication requirement aims to enhance students' ability to communicate and listen effectively in a range of contexts, to critically evaluate orally presented information and arguments and to consider specific techniques for using language as a communication tool. Oral communication courses, which may be offered in any department or program, include at least two opportunities per course to develop and practice oral communication skills through a wide range of possible assignments.

Courses involve instruction on topics such as appropriate style and effective delivery, theories of effective communication and clarity of expression, ideas and voice; and assessment of students’ communication skills through feedback by instructor and classmates.

Each Brandeis undergraduate entering in the fall of 2007 and thereafter must satisfactorily complete one writing-intensive and either a second writing-intensive or an oral communication course. For students entering Brandeis beginning fall 2019, the oral communication requirement will be fulfilled for through coursework taken in the completion of their major, or through other options described in the requirements for the major.

Courses that satisfy the requirement in a particular semester are designated "oc" in the Schedule of Classes for that semester. A list of oral communication courses is available in the Courses of Instruction.