Physical Education Requirements

Physical education is an undergraduate degree requirement at Brandeis. This requirement is satisfied by successful completion of two semester-long, noncredit activity courses, participation on a varsity athletics team or by passing a fitness test taken during the first two years. Courses that satisfy the requirement in a particular semester are designated "pe-1" in the Schedule of Classes for that semester. Students are recommended to complete the physical education requirement by the end of their sophomore year.

Completion of one full season of participation on a varsity athletics team, as certified by the Department of Athletics, is equal to the completion of one semester-long noncredit course. A student may satisfy the physical education requirement through the completion of two full seasons of participation on a varsity athletics teams.

Students may earn exemption from all or part of the physical education requirement by scoring well on a battery of physical fitness tests that are administered at the university each year. Participation in these exemption tests is voluntary, and the opportunity is available only during a student's first two years at the university. For additional details, see the introductory remarks in the "physical education" course offerings section. Transfer students may offer physical education courses that appear on the transcripts of their previous institutions.

Full exemption is given to anyone who has served in the military. Students may also take the Red Cross course outside of Brandeis to get CPR and AED certified. Any exemption for certification has to be the equivalent of the class offered by Brandeis. Certification will only exempt the student from one semester of the physical education requirement. Please see the Department of Athletics for complete information on requesting an exemption.

Beginning fall 2019, students will satisfy the requirement by completing two noncredit, six-week module courses for each semester-long physical education course that remains of their physical education requirement. For students entering Brandeis beginning fall 2019, the health, wellness and life skills requirement replaces the physical education requirement.