Jason Rhoades: Multiple Deviations

Past September 13, 2015 - December 13, 2015

The late American artist Jason Rhoades is known for his sprawling installations made from the debris of popular culture. Operating on multiple levels, his work delves into the nature of labor, craft, class, culture, and creativity itself. Multiple Deviations presents a near complete account of Jason Rhoades’ multiples, series of editions scaled, in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, for consumer and collecting culture. Rhoades explained of his own work: “I don't understand my works as being separate from one another. There are a few breaks, but I basically understand them as one piece. In order to see one work you have to look back in reference to the others.” Integral to a larger whole, Rhoades’ multiples provide a window into the artist’s broad and inventive artistic practice.