Past Exhibitions

Installation view, Pretty Raw: After and Around Helen Frankenthaler

Installation view, Pretty Raw: After and Around Helen Frankenthaler, Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, February 11, 2015-June 7, 2015. Charles Mayer Photography.

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Ed Ruscha: Standard

Sam Jury: Coerced Nature

On the Matter of Abstraction (Figs. A & B) Walead Beshty: Untitled

Light Years: Jack Whitten, 1971-73

Minimal and More: 60s and 70s Sculpture from the Collection

Collection in Focus: Al Loving

Image Machine: Andy Warhol and Photography

Rose Video 01 | Omer Fast: 5000 Feet is the Best

Rose Video 02 | Mark Boulos and Josephine Meckseper

Collecting Stories

Bruce Conner: Eve-­Ray‐Forever

Art at the Origin: The Early 1960s

Dor Guez: 100 Steps to the Mediterranean


Regarding Painting

The Rose at Brandeis: Works from the Collection

Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950

Saints and Sinners

Master of Reality

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Numbers, Colors and Text

Environments and Empires

Broken Home: 1997/2007

Arp to Reinhardt: Rose Geometries

Alexis Rockman: The Weight of Air

The New Authentics: Artists of the Post-Jewish Generation

Paper Trail II

Invisible Rays: The Surrealism Legacy

Project for a New American Century

Drawing on Film

Works from the Permanent Collection

Papertrail I

John Armleder: Too Much is Not Enough

Tom Sachs: Logjam

Steve Miller: Spiraling Inward

Videos from Tiger by the Tail! Women Artists of India Transforming Culture

Oliver Herring: On the Cusp

Dana Schutz: Paintings 2002‐2005

Faculty Exhibit

I Love My Time. I Don't Like My Time:  Recent Works by Erwin Wurm

Sarah Walker: Paintings

Balance and Power: Performance and Surveillance in Video Art

Clare Rojas: Hope Spring is Eternal

Dreaming Now

Anri Sala: Dammi i Colori

Xavier Veilhan: The Hyperrealist Project

Double Take: Photorealism from the 1960s and 1970s

Fred Tomaselli: Monsters of Paradise

"Post" and After: Contemporary Art from the Brandeis University Art Collection

Alvin Lucier: Chambers

Domestic Archeology: Boston and Beyond

Surasi Kusolwong

In the Spotlight: Recent Acquisitions

Barry McGee

Robin Rhode: The Animators

Francesco Clemente: Tandoori Satori and commonplace 2004

Yun-­Fei Ji: The Empty City

William Kentridge: Tide Table

Coexistence: Contemporary Cultural Production in South Africa


Abstract Expressionism: The Brandeis University Collection

George Bellows Lithographs

Roxy Paine: Second Nature

Fictions: New Narratives in Contemporary Photography and Video

Skin to Bones: Paintings Since 1970

A Defining Generation: Then and Now, 1961 and 2001

Stephen Antonakos: Time Boxes 2000, with Richard Artschwager

Jonathan Lasker: Selective Identity, Paintings from the 1990s

Lasker Curates Selections from the Brandeis University Art Collections

A Quiet Revolution

Sarah Charlesworth: A Retrospective

Bruce Pearson: A New Visual Language

Alchemies of the Sixties

David Reed: Paintings, Motion Pictures

Contemporary Abstract Painting

Silent Passages

Louis Foster Exhibition of Boston Area Artists

Meryl Brater: A Memorial

Joseph Marioni

Joshua Neustein: Polish Forests, Magnetic Fields, Carbon Copies

Robert Smithson: Slideworks

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Merrill Wagner: Works for Walls, Floors & Fields

Barnet Rubenstein: A Retrospective

Jonathan Borofsky: The G‐d Project

Annee Spileos Scott: Manliness is Close to Godliness

"Subject(s): A Collective Portrait" Selections from the Permanent Collection

Robert Farber: A Retrospective

Women’s Caucus for Art

More than Minimal: Feminism & Abstraction in the '70s

Part One of the Permanent Collection: Color Fields to New Abstraction Boston Area Artists: Part I

Boston Area Artists: Part II

The Dividing Line: Collaborative Landscape Photography by Virginia Beahan & Laura McPhee

Judy Pfaff: Elephant

The Herbert W. Plimpton Collection of Realist Art

Holocaust Project: From Darkness into Light Judy Chicago with Photography by Donald Woodman

Seeing and Believing

Joan Snyder Painter, 1959 to Now

Hardly Academic: Recent Works by Studio Faculty, Brandeis

African American Perspectives

Prefab: Reconsidering the Legacy of the 60s

Manny Farber

Robert Richenburg: Abstract Expressionist

Howardena Pindell: A Retrospective 1972‐1992

Ely Bielutin & the New Russian Avant Garde


David Akiba

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Kiki Smith: Unfolding the Body

Jackie Ferrara Sculpture: A Retrospective

The Contemporary Drawing: Existence, Passage, Dream

Robert Hudson: Sculpture/ William T. Wiley: Paintings

Insight on Sight: Environments by Andrew & Geoffrey Bensen, Ellen Driscoll, Lillian Hsu-­Flanders

Sonata & Permanent Collection

Selections from the Permanent Collection (The Hand that Rocks the Cradle)

The Image of Abstract Painting in the '80s

Judy Kensley McKie & Todd McKie: 13th Annual Patrons & Friends Exhibition

Body Language: The Figure in the Art of Our Time

Painting Before Metaphor & Matter

Art & the Law

Restive Visions

Dorothea Rockburne

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Allusion Dimension

Tangible Choices: Five Sculptors at Work

Michelle Stuart ­‐ Silent Gardens: The American Landscape

Jack Berthot: Paintings 1969­‐88

Friedel Dzubus: Selected Paintings from Four Decades

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Jack Bush on Paper

Two Brandeis Painters

Expressive Systems/Eloquent Voices

Ten at the Rose

Selections form the Permanent Collection

Jene Highstein

Lester Johnson: Selected Paintings 1970­‐1987

The Joseph Masheck Collection of Contemporary Art

Wilderness: A Video Installation by Mary Lucier

Sculptural Objects & Installations

Stephen Antonakos

Contemporary New England Artists: Selections from the Permanent Collection

25th Annual Exhibition: Selected 20th Century Paintings

Collected Visions: 12 Contemporary Photographers

Boston Printmakers 37th National Exhibition

Ardent Gestures

Katherine Porter: Paintings 1969‐1984

A New England Realists & Minimalist Painters: A Decade in Quotes

SE: Collages by Irwin Kremen the Re’eh Series

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Eva Hesse: Early Drawings & Selected Sculpture

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Jennifer Bartlett: Variations on Two Themes from Nature

Worlds Apart: Eight Sculptors

William Beckman & Gregory Gillespie

Selections from the Permanent Collection

The Color of Time: Video Sculpture by Nam June Paik

Early Moderns, Contemporary Art & 20th Century Photography

Featuring New Acquisitions

Six From Around Town: Painters from Boston

Charles Garabedian: Twenty Years of Work

Lila Katzen: Recent Sculpture

Gold & Silversmithing: Bazalel Academy of Art & Design

Permanent Collection: Featuring New Acquisitions

Designs for a New Campus: Almost Brandeis

Art in Craft Media: The Haystack Tradition

Out of the Woods: Six Boston Sculptors

Matta: The First Decade

Art of the State

Herbert W. Plimpton Collection of Realist Art

Ed Rothfarb Sitework: Istra

Four Brandeis Department of Fine Arts Faculty Members

Paul Georges/ Irving Kriesber/ Kelly Wise

Restless Natives

Frankenthaler: the 1950s

Edward Mayer: A Sculptural Installation

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Ancient American Art in Aesthetic View

Rocks, Trees, Clouds & Water: The Art of Hugnhsien

Jewish Ceremonial Objects

Mel Ramos: A Twenty Year Survey

Aspects of the 70’s: Mavericks

Henry Botkin: Collages

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Works from the A.R.T.: Offset Lithographers

Drawings from the Permanent Collection

David Aronson: A Retrospective

The Gregorian Collection of Antique Oriental Rugs

Tibetan Buddhist Art from the Horch Collection

Frank Stella: Metallic Reliefs

Art of the State

Don Nice: Beasts & Demons & Peaceable Kingdoms

John Walker Paintings

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Three Dimensional Possibilities: Seven Artists

Permanent Collection

Records of an Experience: Abraham Walkowitz

Works by Max Weber

James Weeks

Alex Katz in the 70’s

Modern & Contemporary Masters from the Permanent Collection

Fresh Images: Six New England Artists

Naftali Bezem

Turn of the Century Posters

Recent Accessions

Majestic Inspirations, Incomparable Souvenirs

From Women’s Eyes

Art of the State

Contemporary Masters

Locations Sculpture Installations

Jewish Arts Festival

Two Hundred Years of American Synagogue Architecture

Mitchell Siporin: A Retrospective

Action & Reaction: Contemporary Trends in Painting & Sculpture

Stepping Out: Five Bostonians

Three California Painters

Jewish Arts Festival

Selections from the Teresa Jackson Weill Collection

The Image of the Jew in America: A Bicentennial Exhibition

Lee Krasner: Collages & Works on Paper

Selections from the Permanent Collection: American Indian Art Five from Soto

Selections from the Permanent Collection: Rembrandt’s Etchings

The Shtetl

Nicolas Roerich

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Tibetan Art

Vasily Kandinsky

A Generation of Brandeis Artists

Flora Natapoff: Drawings & Collages

Paul Brown: Recent Work

Paintings & Drawings from the Permanent Collection

New Acquisitions

David Sharir

Mercedes Matter Drawings

Robert Birmelin

Ellen Banks

R.A.M. 25 Years of Collecting

Andrew Tavarelli: Recent Paintings

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Tibetan Art

Boston Printmakers: 24th Annual Exhibit

The Currier Gallery: An Exchange Exhibit

Brandeis Under Construction

Selections from the Permanent Collection

English Portraits from New England Collectors

Rose Ceramic Collection

Earl Powell: Recent Paintings

Selections from the Permanent Collection

In Pursuit of Antiquity

Structural Surfaces: Sculpture by Robert Guillemin

Paintings from the Permanent Collection

One Hundred Recent Prints

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Contemporary Paintings from the Riverside Museum Collection

Romantic Abstraction in Boston

Square & Movement ‐ Visual Construction: Toshihiro Katayama

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Study Exhibition of Twentieth Century Art from the Brandeis University Art Collection

Julio Gonzalez

Vision & Television

New Acquisition Exhibition

The Art of Henry O’Tanner

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Look Back: An Exhibit of Cubist Art from the de Menil Family Collection

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Frank Stella

Two Boston Sculptors: Curtis Crystal & Michael Phillips

12 Black Artists from Boston

British Artists: 6 Painters & 6 Sculptors

James Rosati: Sculpture 1963­‐69

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Jackson Pollock: Works on Paper

Image and Theater: The Photography of Max Waldman


Before Cortez: The Art of Ancient Mexico

Selections from the Collection

10 Black Artists from Boston

Sculpture from Black Africa

Carl Zahn: Graphic Designer

Drawings & Graphics from Brandeis University

Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Drawings

IX Bienal de Sao Paulo Environment U.S.A. 1957‐1967

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Leon Polk Smith

Howard Bay Designs for the Performing Arts

Joseph Cornell

László Moholy-Nagy: A Prophetic Vision

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Adolph Gottlieb

David von Schlegell

Italian Architectural Drawings form the Royal Institute of British Architects

Art of the Late Antique

Prints by Michael Mazur

12 Photographers of the American Social Landscape

RISD/Brandeis Exchange Exhibition

Jules Pascin

Louise Nevelson

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Synchronism and Related American Painting

Drawings of Bridget Riley

Conrad Marca-­Relli

Theodoros Stamos

Landscape Drawings of Israel by Anna Ticho

Japanese Prints and Book Illustrations from the Permanent Collection

Mask and Eye: The Graphic Work of James Ensor and Odilon Redon

Washington Color Painters

Philip Guston: A Selective Prospective Exhibition

17th Century Painting from the Low Countries

Rene Magritte

Commencement Exhibition: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Joseph Albers: The American Years

Watercolors, Drawings & Prints from the Museum Collection

For the Young Collector

Gislebertus Hoc Fecti

Jack Tworkov

Larry Rivers: Retrospective

Art Israel Today

Not Seen and/or Less Seen of/by Marcel Duchamp/Prose Selavy

Bruce Conner

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Baziotes Memorial Exhibition

Selections from the Permanent Collection

For the Young Collector

Selections from the Permanent Collection

Hans Hoffman

Charles H. Currier: Boston Photographer

A University Collects: Notre Dame Sobriety & Elegance in the Baroque

Recent American Drawings

Recent American Synagogue Architecture

Recent Acquisitions

Boston Collects Modern Art

The Painter & The Photograph

Alexei Jawlensky

Two Urbanists: The Engineering-Architecture of R. Buchminster Fuller and Paolo Soleri

Franz Kline Memorial Exhibition

James Brooks

Recent Acquisitions: The Gevirtz-Mnuchin Collection and Related Gifts

Major Masters of the Renaissance

Honore Daumier

American Modernism: The First Wave/ Paintings from 1903–1933

Six Painters & the Object

Dedication of the New Rose Art Museum

The Rose Collection of Early Ceramics

A Century of Modern European Paintings

Ancient Gods & Monarchs

European Paintings Today

Cubist Sculptures

Paintings by Two Americans

Modern French Painting