Social Justice and Social Policy Program

Social Justice Opportunities at Brandeis

Brandeis has developed an international reputation for its involvement in a wide range of social justice initiatives. From hosting guest speakers to engaging in community activism, the SJSP Program provides an academic forum for students to pursue and develop their ideas about social justice. Here are just a few ways social justice works its way into the Brandeis experience:

Special Course Offering

Advocacy for Policy Change, taught by Melisssa Stimell, addresses theories, skills, networks and key players in the reform of public policy. It focuses on policy change at the statehouse level, interacting with elected officials and community organizations to advance key legislation affecting social welfare, health, education and economic justice. Students will assist legislative sponsors in promoting change, taking into account policy analysis, community impact, legal restraints and political possibilities.

A central component of the course will be legislative advocacy projects, involving supervised teams of students working on specific policy issues. Each student team will work closely with an advocacy mentor, under the supervision of Professor Stimell. Each team will also meet with the legislative mentor, Representative Jay Kaufmann, who will serve as liaison to relevant legislative colleagues and committees.

Experiential Learning

Community Engaged Learning

Volunteer Opportunities