Senior Thesis

Writing an honors thesis offers students the opportunity to execute a substantial independent research project and to be considered for a bachelor's degree with honors by the Department of Sociology. The following guidelines have been established to govern the process of applying for honors and its assessment by the department faculty.

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Admission to the Sociology honors program requires:

Senior Thesis Declaration of Intent:

Tip: Start early! A conversation with a potential faculty supervisor in junior year will help you think through feasible topics and develop a working relationship.

For any further clarification of information contact UAH, Michael Strand .

If you're having difficulty pairing up with a thesis advisor, consult with UAH, Michael Strand or Department Chair, Laura Miller

Continuation in the honors program in the second semester of senior year requires:

If you or your advisor determines not to continue with the thesis in spring term, you must withdraw from the SOC 99 course bureaucratically with the Registrar. Failure to do so by the posted deadlines will create complications for you as you approach graduation. Also, you must ask your thesis advisor to provide the Registrar with a letter grade for fall term if s/he has not already done so. (Most professors report mid‐year thesis grades as "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" to the Registrar.)

Research Involving Human Subjects

Tip: Sometimes the IRB makes a decision, but no notification goes out to you. Be sure you follow up on the status of your protocol after the meeting in case you have more work to do.

2022-23 Deadlines

To encourage timely progress, the following set of deadlines is strongly recommended in the research and writing of your thesis: