Time Management

Managing time means investing time into deciding what you want out of life, including what you want out of being a member of an organization. This concept of managing time assumes that you have clearly focused values and goals for your work, family, studies, social activities, and most importantly, yourself.

How Well Do You Manage Your Time?

Common Causes of Procrastination

“To Do” List Tricks

The Charles Schwab Priority List Method

A B C D Method

The tasks on your to do list can usually be broken up into four categories. “Importance” and “Urgency” are personal values, with “importance” concerned with degree of value, and “urgency” concerned with timing:

A - Important & Urgent

B - Important/Not Urgent

C - Not Important/Urgent

D - Not Important/Not Urgent

Once you determine where your tasks fall in these categories, it will be easier for you to prioritize!