Presence/Zoom Integration

The Presence/Zoom integration feature allows attendees to easily join Zoom events via clubs' event listings on Presence simply by clicking on "Join on Zoom." It also allows club administrators to easily see the list of attendees after the event.

Step 1: Create Your Event In Zoom

The first step will be to create your event in Zoom so you can generate the Zoom meeting link that will be placed in the Location field of your event! Note: All users hosting events will need to be a part of the Brandeis Zoom:

After logging in to Zoom, click the button to schedule a meeting. Here are a few tips for creating a meeting that will work with the Zoom integration!

Zoom Meeting Screenshot

Step 2: Incorporating Zoom Into Your Presence Event

The next step is event creation! From the left navigation menu, click on Create, then choose Event:

Presence Create Event Screenshot

Events can be created as far in advance as you like. Brandeis’ Event Registration form has been customized and may look different than the screenshots below. To use the Zoom integration, we’ll just need to focus on the “Location” field.

Enter the Zoom meeting link in the Location field. You’ll want to choose the meeting link that is specific for this event. Using a unique Zoom meeting link will be essential to the importing process. After inputting the date and time, place your unique Zoom link into the Location field:

Presence Location Field Screenshot

Once your event has been created, your participants will be able to click on the "Join on Zoom" button right on the event. Attendees will be prompted to sign in to the Zoom account that is associated with their Brandeis email address.

Presense Join on Zoom Screenshot
And now comes the hardest part: Hosting your awesome event! Everything else is automated.

No, really! You’re all done! When the virtual meeting ends, Zoom provides Presence with a list of your event attendees. Presence will process that information and add the attendees to your event without any additional steps needed on your part. Once you have your list of attendees, you can email them for feedback, export them to a spreadsheet, even invite them to join your organization!


Best Practices For A Smooth Attendee Import

Attendees will be prompted to sign in to Zoom as they join your virtual meeting. At the conclusion of your event, Zoom shares that list of attendees with Presence and we use that list to build an attendee list for your event. A few things to note: