Student CEEF Guide

CEEF is made up of $250,000 from SAF and is refilled to that amount through Rollover every year. $150,000 goes towards emergencies, while $100,000 goes towards student initiatives. The administration can propose emergency proposals, but they have to be approved by the CEEF committee.

The funding must be used to enhance the Brandeis community as a long term benefit. The emergency projects must be related to student life and student activities.

Funding Decisions

CEEF can choose to make the following decisions on funding:

Board Members and Elections

The CEEF committee will have 5 members.

The two members elected from the Undergrad Community will run elections along with the Spring semester Union elections. The position will be a two semester seat.

The two elected community members will join the current CEEF committee for training and onboarding. The elected members from the Union will stay in position until new members are elected at the beginning of the year.

The members will vote one of the elected 5 to be the chair. The chair will be responsible for communicating with the Financial advisor and will have to be responsible to ensure that the data for funds is placed in SUMS.