Main Branches

The Student Union’s five main branches (Executive Board, Allocations Board, Senate, Treasury, and Judiciary) are responsible for carrying out a wide variety of critical functions meant to enhance students’ quality of life at our university.

First and foremost, Union members are all campus leaders and advocates. We represent the needs of a diverse student body by working collaboratively on a variety of individual and group initiatives, and by meeting regularly with senior university administrators. Additionally, the Allocations Board allocates over $2.1 million, or 1% of all students’ tuition (otherwise known as the “Student Activities Fund” – SAF) to over 150 student-run clubs and campus organizations, all of which are recognized and supported by the Union Senate.

This year, the Union will be focusing specifically on issues related to affordability, diversity and inclusion, outreach, transparency and accountability of both the Union and administration, and campus pride. We hope to have you join us as we help move Brandeis forward to its next stage of excellence!

Executive Board
  • Simran Tatuskar, President

  • Guillermo Caballero, Vice President

  • Taylor Fu, Secretary

  • Yona Steinman, Treasurer

  • TBD, Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees

  • Zoe Fort, Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees

  • Gabi Burkolz, Junior Representative to the Alumni Board 
  • Isaiah Freedman, Representative to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund 
  • Ben Silver, Representative to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund 
  • TBD, Director of Academic Affairs

  • TBD, Union Officer for Diversity and Inclusion

  • TBD, Director of Communications

  • TBD, Director of the Office of Student Rights

  • TBD, Chief of Staff

  • TBD, Chief Strategist

Allocations Board

The Brandeis University Student Union Allocations Board is the branch of the Brandeis University Student Union that is responsible for the distribution of the Student Activities Fee (SAF) to clubs and organizations on campus. Along with the Senate, Executive, Judiciary, and Treasury, A-Board is committed to serving the undergraduate student body at Brandeis.

A-Board is comprised of 11 elected representatives: the Two-Semester Representatives, the Three-Semester Representatives, the Racial Minority Representatives, the Senate Representative, and the Union Treasurer.

  • Josh Hoffman, Senator-at-Large

  • Nancy Zhai, Senator-at-Large

  • Joyce Huang, Racial Minority Senator

  • Rajan Vohra, Racial Minority Senator 
  • Scott Halper, Senator for Class of 2020
  • Dane Leoniak, Senator for Class of 2020 
  • Jake Rong, Senator for Class of 2021 
  • Sissel Tan, Senator for Class of 2021
  • Topaz Fragoso, Senator for Class for 2022
  • Joseph Coles, Senator for Class of 2022  
  • Janice Huang, Class of 2023 Senator 

  • Skye Liu, Class of 2023 Senator 
  • Dariel Jimenez, Senator for Massell Quad

  • Krupa Souriajan, Senator for North Quad

  • TPriyata Bhatta, Senator for East Quad

  • Sagar Punjabi, Senator for Ziv and Ridgewood Quads

  • Leah Fernandez, Senator for Rosenthal and Skyline Quads

  • Cindy Yao, Senator for Village and 567 Quads

  • Oliver Price , Senator for Charles River Apartments

  • Trevor Filseth, Senator for the Foster Mods Quad

  • Alison Leibowitz, Senator for Off Campus Students

  • Shurorui Wang, Senator for International Students 
  • Erik Lambrecht, Senator for the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program

  • Maya Walborsky, Associate Justice 
  • Rachel Sterling, Associate Justice 
  • Ruth Itzkowitz, Associate Justice 
  • Shania Thomas, Associate Justice 
  • Jack Ranucci, Associate Justice 
  • Mike Bender, CEEF Representative 
  • Jiale Hao, CEEF Representative 
  • Lyle James, Representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Jordy Pineiro, Representative to Allocations Board 
  • Emma Fiesinger, Representative to Allocations Board 
  • Rebecca Shaar, Representative to Allocations Board 

Senate Update

Judiciary Board
  • Gaby Gonzalez Anavisca, Chief Justice

  • Xiangyu Mao, Associate Justice

  • Morris Nadjar, Associate Justice

  • Abdul Rehman, Associate Justice

  • Shangyuan Xu, Associate Justice


Public Documents