Academic Year Calendar

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Reallocations and Emergency funding decisions will be made regularly throughout each semester. Email or for details.

*Student Payment Forms (SPFs) are due for Fall by November 12 and for Spring by April 15. This is due to the pre-set Payroll processing schedule. Unlike PRF’s and NEPRF’s, it is not possible to get an emergency payroll check, so late SPF’s cannot get paid until the next semester (in either January or July).

**Three extra weeks are required for reimbursement checks to be delivered to student mailboxes before residence halls close. This is not a guarantee, but simply our best guess, as most checks take 3-4 weeks from initial submission to check delivery. Whenever possible, earlier is better (especially if you need time to fix any “incomplete paperwork!”). For reimbursements submitted after the Campus Mailbox Check Deadline, we strongly recommend using your home (summer) address as your mailing address, if you are not traveling abroad.

***The PRF/NEPRF Deadline 2 is only for events that occur after the first PRF/NEPRF deadline.