Allocations Board

The Student Activities Fee (SAF) is collected as 1% of tuition. It is also includes rollover funds that were not spent in the previous fiscal year. Only secured and chartered organizations are eligible to request and receive funds from the A-Board.

The A-Board strives to ensure that all funding is distributed with transparency, equitability, and accountability. Our policies are outlined in the Allocations Board Funding Scope.

Funding Marathons

The A-Board holds a funding marathon each semester for the distribution of funds. There are two types of marathons based on the accreditation of a club. "Secured Club Marathons" takes place in the Spring and Secured Clubs are allocated funds for the fiscal year as a whole. "Chartered Club Marathons" on the other hand, take place in both the Spring and Fall and chartered clubs are allocated funds on a semesterly basis. 

How to Request Club Funding

Although a majority of funding happens during marathons, clubs are also allowed to request for additional funds during the semester though emergency requests. Clubs can also request for reallocation of funds if they would like to use the funds for something other than what they are designated for. Both Emergency Requests and Reallocations are evaluated based on the criteria outlined in the Funding Scope. In order to request an emergency or reallocation please refer to the Allocations Board Funding Scope.

Full Semester Marathon Forms

There are four Google Forms to use during a marathon.

If a similar event is recurring throughout the semester, only one Google Form is necessary. If you have questions about how many forms to submit, email the Allocations Board or ask at a Drop-In.