Article VIII: Clubs

Section 1

Every club is either probationary or established; unchartered or chartered. The Senate shall, by a supermajority vote of two-thirds, have the discretionary power to accredit probationary clubs.

Section 2

In order to be eligible for accreditation, a prospective club must:

Section 3

To seek accreditation, an eligible prospective club must do the following:

Section 4

Any club which excludes members of the undergraduate student body from joining or participating, whether by an audition process or by any other means, is ineligible to become or remain a chartered club; furthermore, any club which duplicates the purpose or goals of an existing academic department or other campus resource in terms of operations, impact, and student appeal is ineligible to become or remain a chartered club; otherwise, clubs shall have the right to become or remain chartered clubs, so long as they remain accredited.

Section 5

The privileges of all accredited clubs shall include:

Section 6

Clubs are forbidden from doing the following:

Section 7

Clubs are responsible for the following:

Section 8

The following shall be the relevant requirements for officers in clubs:

Section 9

Clubs may, with the approval of the Senate, change their names and constitutional purposes. The Chair of the Club Support Committee shall inform the Department of Student Activities of any changes to club names.

Section 10

Probationary clubs must report to the Club Support Committee within 1 probationary term of being accredited. After reviewing a report written by the club reflecting on their probationary term and meeting with the club's officers, the Club Support Committee shall have three options:

Section 11

The Senate shall have the power to revoke the accreditation of a club by a supermajority vote of two-thirds under any of the following conditions:

Section 12

There shall exist Student Production Services (SPS). SPS shall provide Brandeis University and Student Union-Accredited Clubs with lighting and sound equipment and the technicians required to operate said equipment at any event upon request by the event or club, based on staff and equipment availability. SPS shall be a free service to all undergraduate clubs of Brandeis University. SPS employed members are salaried by Brandeis University through the Department of Student Activities and the purchasing budget is provided by the Student Union Allocations Board.


All Secured clubs shall register an official “Club Consultant” with the Senate Club Support Committee and the Department of Student Activities.


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