Article IV: Duties of Senators

Section 1

Senators shall attend all meetings of the Senate and committees on which they are required to serve and may miss up to three Senate meetings and three committee meetings (per committee) per semester. If a Senator misses four Senate or committee meetings in a semester, they will be removed from the Senate. The following conditions shall apply to this attendance policy:

Section 2

All Senators, with the exception of Committee Chairs, must serve on at least two committees.

Section 3

Each semester, the Senate shall elect an Executive Senator as a liaison between the Senate and the Executive Office.

Section 4

No individual shall serve in an appointed capacity as a member of the Union Government unless nominated by the Union President and confirmed by the Senate, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws. The Senate may require, by majority vote, the production of any application, or the presence of any nominee, for such a position.


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