Article IX: Financial Activities

Section 1

Funding requests to the Senate must meet certain conditions:

Section 2

All money left in the Senate discretionary budget at the end of each and every fiscal semester shall be reallocated to the following fiscal semester's Senate discretionary. When these funds are discovered and appropriately calculated, the Union Treasurer must submit an outline of said values to the Union Senate to be approved and officially transferred. The Senate must make every attempt to allocate unspent money and/or spend all money in their budget and reserves the right to reallocate to subsequent budgets only as a last resort.

Section 3

The Union Treasurer shall set a date at the penultimate Senate meeting of each semester by which all allocated funds from the Senate Discretionary must be requested from the Treasurer by its recipients. Unless a deadline is set by the Senate on the specific Senate Money Resolution, all Senate Discretionary allocations remaining unclaimed by the recipients after this date shall be considered unspent for the semester.

Section 4

All financial allocations from the Executive Office discretionary budget during any given week shall be reported to the Senate at the following Senate meeting.


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