Article VI: Senate Committees

Section 1

Standing Senate Committees shall be established in these Bylaws. The following shall be the standing committees of the Senate:

Section 2

Committees shall operate as follows:

Section 3

The rules and procedures of Senate Committees are as follows:

Section 4

The Services and Outreach Committee shall address any concerns or issues raised regarding the nature and availability of services provided by the Student Union and foster a stronger relationship between Union officers and the Brandeis Undergraduate Student Body. The committee shall organize events, services and projects to increase awareness of the role of the Student Union.

Section 5

The Social Justice and Diversity Committee shall serve to promote and improve social equity, inclusion and diversity at Brandeis by collaborating with university staff, students, clubs and departments who uphold the value of social justice.

Section 6

The Rules Committee's purpose is to enhance the efficiency of the Senate and to streamline the legislative process. The Committee will strive to assist people bringing business before the Senate and on how to adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth in the Union Constitution and these Bylaws. This committee shall act in accordance with the following:

Section 7

The Club Support Committee shall serve the clubs of the Brandeis campus by educating club leaders and their memberships on resources available and beneficial to clubs and organizations of the Brandeis Student Union. Additionally, the Committee shall serve as an outlet for club advocacy related issues between clubs and the Union Government and/or the Administration of Brandeis University. The Committee shall provide services related to, but not limited to, the following:

Section 8

The Dining Committee shall coordinate with university dining management in representing the Union and student body in all dining-related affairs including but not limited to food and service quality, dining location hours, food offerings, meal plans, and dietary needs.

Section 9

The Sustainability Committee shall investigate, advocate for, and implement policies that help to create a sustainable, environmentally consciousness campus on behalf of the Senate.

Section 10

The Facilities and Housing Committee shall be responsible for working with university facilities and housing management to promote a safe, functional, clean, and attractive campus environment for all Brandeis students.

Section 11

The Health and Safety Committee shall serve to promote and improve the well-being and security of students on and off campus, which shall include but not be limited to mental, physical and emotional health; alcohol and drug awareness and safety; sexual health and safety; safety and accessibility for students on and off-campus; fair treatment of students with registered disabilities; and healthy academic and non-academic life balance.


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