Article III: Allocations Board

Section 1

The Allocations Board shall act in accordance with the following guidelines:

Section 2

The Allocations Board shall hear requests for funding and make decisions through Funding Marathons. The procedure for a full Marathon shall be as outlined below.

Section 3

There shall be four types Marathon meetings:

Section 4

There shall be established a grievance process for Allocations Board allocation decisions.

Section 5

The Union President may veto any decision of the Allocations Board within 5 academic days of the decision. The Allocations Board may, by a 2/3 vote, overturn any Presidential veto. The Allocations Board vote must take place within 5 academic days of the veto.

Section 6

The Treasurer may, in consultation with the Chair of the Allocations Board, empower members of the Allocations Board to assist in the entry, collection, completion, and processing of financial requests and other forms.

Section 7

The Allocations Board may, by a 2/3 vote of the all those members present and voting, purchase equipment for the use of all Union Clubs. Such purchases may not exceed 10% of the Allocations Board's semester budget.


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