Article VII: Union Finances

Section 1: Student Activities Fund

The University shall confer to the Union a Student Activities Fund. The Student Activities Fund shall consist of:

  1. The Student Activities Fee, equal to the amount that the University and Board of Trustees establish in the annual tuition rates

  2. The Brandeis Sustainability Fund fee, equal to $7.50 per undergraduate student per semester

  3. Remaining funds from previous years’ Student Activities Funds

Section 2: Student Activities Fee

The Student Activities Fee shall be used to fund the activities and operations of the Union and all Union Clubs, and shall be used only to further the stated purpose of such clubs.

All funds received by Secured Clubs shall be used solely for the advancement of the interests of the student body and in accordance with the goals and purposes of the Club.

Section 3: Brandeis Sustainability Fund

The Brandeis Sustainability Fund (BSF) shall provide financial support for Brandeis undergraduate students to undertake projects and/or activities to improve Brandeis’s environmental sustainability.

  1. Undergraduate students can access this funding by submitting a project proposal to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board.
  2. The Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board shall consist of students, faculty, and staff, further specified in the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Constitution. The undergraduate student body must elect two students to serve on the board.
  3. Projects are evaluated and awarded funds according by the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board and the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Constitution.
  4. The Student Union President has the right to veto any specific Brandeis Sustainability Fund Allocation before the allocation has been spent. This veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board.

Section 4: Union Organization Financial Disclosure

Prior to receiving any funding from the Union Activities Fee, all Chartered and Secured Clubs, including the Justice, shall fully disclose to the Treasurer and/or the Chair of the Allocations Board the following:
  1. All sources of financial support, income and all other revenue sources
  2. An itemized budget of projected income and expenses for the entire academic semester
  3. A complete listing of club property of any form valued over $50
  4. In the event any Union Club either refuses to disclose the required financial information, the Treasurer shall have the authority to withhold, from such organization its respective portion of the Union Activities Fund.

Section 5: Unused Funds

At the conclusion of each fiscal year, all Student Activities Fund (SAF) allocations that remain unspent, and/or unallocated to Union Clubs, shall be deposited into the Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund until a cap of $250,000 is reached. Any additional remaining funds shall be rolled over into SAF for the following academic year.

Section 6: Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund

The Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund, also referred to as CEEF, shall exist to ensure the stability of Union funds in case of emergencies and provide the Brandeis community to propose Community Enhancement projects to be voted on by the CEEF Board.

Section 7: Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund Board

The CEEF Board shall approve proposals by a majority vote and shall consist of the following:
  1. One member from the Union Executive Board elected by a plurality of Executive Board members,
  2. One member from the Union Senate elected by a plurality of the Union Senate,
  3. One member from the Allocations Board elected by a plurality of the Allocations Board, and
  4. Two elected members from the Undergraduate Student Body.

Section 8: Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund Budget

CEEF shall budget a minimum amount of $150,000 that is reserved for emergency funding, as judged at the discretion of the CEEF Board. Additional funding up to $100,000 shall be budgeted for community enhancement expenditures. The total budget maximum for CEEF shall be $250,000.

Section 9: Community Enhancement Proposals

The CEEF Board will publicly call for proposals from students for Community Enhancement Projects. The application form for such proposals shall be released by the end of the spring semester, and proposals shall be accepted until September 21. Proposals shall be voted on by the CEEF Board no later than four academic weeks following September 21, and the level of funding for all proposals shall be made publicly available once decisions are finalized.

Section 10: Emergency Funding

The CEEF Board shall convene to discuss funding projects relating to emergencies brought to the Board’s attention by its own research or by members of the Brandeis community.

Section 11: Community Enhancement and Emergency Fund Spending

Any funding granted by the CEEF Board must be spent through the Union Treasury and shall be accompanied by documentation in a manner agreed to by the Union Treasurer and the CEEF Board.


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