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Small Change: A Collection of Stories

142 pp.

Review of Small Change: A Collection of Stories

"Remembering the Woman" Jewish Daily Forward

Small Change: A Collection of Stories

Yehudit Hendel

small change

"In the end, what makes 'Small Change' women's writing is Hendel's fundamental view of reality, which can be summarized as a sense of continuous flow among people . . . It is expressed in the extraordinary way her narrator identifies with her characters, as well as in her willingness to make use of highly personal material . . . Such fictionalized testimony elevates real-life trauma and provides the sufferer a communal space . . . in which to grieve and stop grieving. One of the protagonists of 'Small Change' mentions the marvelous music that Bach composed to the words 'Ah world, I must leave you,' music that, metaphorically speaking, echoes the goal of Hendel's fiction: to redeem harsh reality through the denser, richer medium of art."

– From the foreword by Lily Rattok

"The overall effect is almost like reading a diary — the glimpses of ordinary private lives . . . resonate with loss, disappointment and rich, raw emotion."

— Publisher's Weekly

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