The Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry

Art and Literature

Cover of "Soviet Jewish Book Shelf"

Marat Grinberg

An original investigation into the reading strategies and uses of books by Jews in the Soviet era.

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Cover of "Belonging and Betrayal"

Charles Delheim

Tells the story of the fortunes and misfortunes of a small number of eminent art dealers and collectors who, against the odds, played a pivotal role in the migration of works of art from Europe to the United States and in the triumph of modern art

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Cover of "Style and Seduction: Jewish Patrons, Architecture, and Design in Fin de Siècle Vienna"

Elana Shapira

Explores the central role of Jewish patrons as shapers of Viennese modernism.

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Cover of "Holocaust Literature: A History and Guide"

David G. Roskies, Naomi Diamant

A comprehensive assessment of Holocaust literature, from World War II to the present day.

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Cover of "Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture: Antisemitism, Assimilation, Affirmation"

Rose-Carol Washton Long, Matthew Baigell, Milly Heyd

A fascinating look at key aspects of visual culture in modern Jewish history.

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Cover of "Yehuda Amichai: The Making of Israel's National Poet"

Nili Scharf Gold

“By uncovering the European roots of this central, widely read and much translated Israeli author, Gold opens the way for other similar studies of the European background of Israeli writing. Her book will be indispensable for all future studies of Amichai's poetry.”—Arnold Band, Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, University of California at Los Angeles

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Cover of "Feathers"

Haim Be’er

“Haim Be’er resembles the adolescent hero of his novel in wanting to preserve in hard-won modern Israel some of the quirky obstinacy of earlier European-Jewish utopians.” —Ruth R. Wisse, Harvard University

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Cover of "Resplendent Synagogue: Architecture and Worship in an Eighteenth-Century Polish Community"

Thomas C. Hubka

“Through the meticulous analysis of a single wooden synagogue, he opens before us the nearly undocumented pre-Hasidic popular culture of Eastern European Jews.” — Michael Steinlauf, Gratz College

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Cover of "Small Change: A Collection of Stories"

Yehudit Hendel

“The overall effect is almost like reading a diary — the glimpses of ordinary private lives… resonate with loss, disappointment and rich, raw emotion.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Cover of "The Pure Element of Time"

Haim Be’er

“…The writing is subtle, skillful, humorous and vivacious. Haim Be’er created in this novel a superb blend of horror, ridicule, compassion, self-irony, as well as a remarkable picture of Jerusalem in the early years of Israel’s statehood…” —Amos Oz

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Cover of "Painting a People: Maurycy Gottlieb and Jewish Art"

Ezra Mendelsohn

“Deeply researched and thoroughly original, this remarkable study encourages new ways of thinking about Jewish artists and their place in the emergence of modern culture…” —Richard I. Cohen, author of Jewish Icons: Art and Society in Modern Europe

Cover of "Reading Hebrew Literature: Critical Discussions of Six Modern Texts"

Alan Mintz, editor

Six classic texts of modern Hebrew literature viewed from a variety of critical perspectives.

Cover of "Aharon Appelfeld: From Individual Lament to Tribal Eternity"

Yigal Schwartz

Schwartz organizes his book around three of Appelfeld’s major themes: the recovery of childhood and memory, the creation of place and the religious stance of the Holocaust writer. He develops a new perspective not only on Appelfeld’s work, but on Holocaust literature itself.

Cover of "Landscapes of Jewish Experience: Samuel Bak, Paintings"

Lawrence L. Langer

“Landscapes of Jewish Experience” represents a unique combination of multi-layered paintings by Samuel Bak and the rich, thoughtful essay and commentary of Lawrence L. Langer.

Cover of "The Boom in Contemporary Israeli Fiction"

Alan Mintz, editor

“The book fulfills an important need by calling attention to the new voices that have reshaped contemporary Israeli literature and culture.” —Hana Wirth-Nesher