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Arts News from BrandeisNOW

John Andrew Morrison speaks with class

March 20, 2023

Visiting campus for the first time in over 25 years, the Tony-nominated actor shared his experiences in the industry, challenges facing type-casting, and favorite moments performing in the now-acclaimed musical, "A Strange Loop."

Our first and last love is self love

February 22, 2023

Harris' exhibition, "Our first and last love," is on display at the Rose Art Museum through July 2.

The Last of Us Zombie

February 17, 2023

Professor Thomas Doherty shares his thoughts on why viewers continue to tune into zombie franchises year after year and despite the terror, the living among us can all bond together in the fighting against the undead.

Smells Like Zine Spirit lead image of magazine

February 15, 2023

Through a partnership between Waltham Partnership for Youth, COMPACT, and the journalism program, 'Smells like Zine Spirit' was created to provide information and resources to families entering the public school system, particularly Spanish-speaking immigrant families.

Parker Thompson '23 glances at his collection

February 1, 2023

Parker Thompson ’23 has grown a collection of images that reflect the beauty of everyday Black joy. He's sharing them with the world in a new exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography.

Sheida Soleimani

January 9, 2023

Professor Sheida Soleimani’s photo collages are alternately satirical, grotesque, horrifying, and beautiful.