Sage to Workday Crosswalk

The following is a helpful resource for faculty and staff outlining a list of Sage terminology and the equivalent in Workday Student.

 Sage Term  Workday Equivalent  Additional Information

 Sage ID

  Student ID


 Semester Term Codes

Academic Period

Term/Academic Year
 Example: Fall 2021

 Faculty Center

Teaching worklet on Workday homescreen

 Class Consent (Permission) Codes

Pre-requisite Overrides

Consent codes are no longer necessary

 Class Rosters

  • View Course Section Roster report
  • Course Section Roster BRANU report
Reports accessible via Teaching worklet

 Student Center

  • Academics tab on the student profile
  • Academics worklet on the student’s Workday homescreen

 Major/Minor Lists

Programs of Study

 Undergraduate Degree Audit

Academic Progress tab on student’s profile

 Profile tab > Academics > Academic Progress sub-tab

 Advisor Center

My Advisees worklet on Workday homescreen

 Major/Minor Change Request

Change Program of Study task