How to Write Test Scenarios

Are you designated to participate Workday testing? Do you ever wonder how to design and write test scenarios to be used for your test? Most of you might have seen the suggested test scenarios spreadsheet provided by Collaborative and may have been asked to add additional ones before the testing phase started.

What is a test scenario?

A test scenario is also known as “test story”. In software development world, we use the term “user story” to define requirements. In testing, the similar concept is also adopted and known as “test story”. A test story is a statement describes the “User” (in here it is the tester) want to “Act” on system (the test target) with certain “Conditions” (which is optional in some cases) to achieve certain “Purposes” (the desired results). For example, a user wants to test login function of a system. The test story will be, A User login to a system by providing correct username and password and system grant user access successfully. The Actor here is “User”. The Action is “Login”. The “Condition” is “Correct user name and password” and “Desired Result” is “system grants access”.

To design a test scenario or test story, one can take the following approaches.


Consider you are assigned to test HR benefit module in Workday. The particular function you are testing is long term disability. You want to make sure for each test the correct data and status are show for someone. The following 4 basic test stories can be generated at minimum.

1. Enroll someone to long term disability: Verify all setting and data are correct.

2. Update someone for their long term disability setting: Verify the updates are applied correctly

3. Terminate someone from their long term disability: Verify the status is updated and no updates to setting or data is allowed

4. Reports related to long term disability for someone or a group of people: Verify the report format and data are correct