Advancing the social justice mission of Brandeis University, Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center hosts an innovative, dynamic, multigenerational and interdisciplinary community engaged in research and artistic activity into gender and women's issues that complements and expands the intellectual and educational pursuits of Brandeis Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program. 

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Affiliated Faculty

Joyce Antler

Joyce Antler, Professor Emerita of American Studies

Anita Hill,

Anita Hill, Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Sarah Lamb

Sarah Lamb, Professor of Anthropology

Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center is delighted and honored to have the following Brandeis Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGS) distinguished Core Faculty affiliated with the center: 

Gannit Ankori 
Joyce Antler 
Elizabeth Bradfield 
Bernadette Brooten
Susan Dibble
Cristina Espinosa
Elizabeth Ferry
ChaeRan Freeze
Anita Hill
Peter Kalb
Alice Kelikian
Ann Koloski-Ostrow
Adrianne Krstansky 
Sarah Lamb
Robin F Miller
Sara Shostak
Harleen Singh
Marion Smiley
Faith Smith
Gowri Vijayakumar
Aida Yuen Wong

Brandeis WGS draws on the humanities, arts, social and biological sciences to explore the broad range of intellectual questions concerning both the social positions of women and the gendered constructions of knowledge, identity, and culture. For more information please visit: Brandeis Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

"I am delighted to be an affiliate of the Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center.  Support for this thriving center for interdisciplinary thinking and scholarship make possible intellectual breakthroughs that inform and inspire." Anita Hill, Professor of Social Policy, Law and Women's Studies at Brandeis University