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Q: What does the Financial Accounting and Reporting team do?

A: We manage the University’s general ledger and other financial reports. Our team aims to provide prompt and accurate financial reports for management’s use and for the benefit of the whole university community.

Q: Where is the Financial Accounting and Reporting team located?

A: Our team is located on the first floor of 60 Turner Street.

Q: How do I deposit a check?

A: The first step to depositing a check is to send the journal entry form to  The chartstring (chargeline) for the debit side should be 1101-11-72400-11000.  The credit side should be your departmental chartstring (chargeline).  No deposit slips or additional documentation is required to be submitted.

Upon sending the journal entry form to, you will receive an automated response with a confirmation number. 

Please write the confirmation number on the check, and deliver the check to our office at 60 Turner Street, Waltham, MA.  A secured drop box is also available outside of the building for your convenience.  We will match up the check with the journal entry using the confirmation number.  There is no need to print the journal entry.  

Q: How do I request petty cash?

A:  Please complete the ‘Petty Cash Request Form’ located on our Forms webpage under Cashiering.  Once completed, bring the form down to the cashier window at 60 Turner Street during window hours to obtain your cash.

Q: How do I know if a bank wire has come in on the University bank account?

A: If you are expecting an incoming wire please contact Alyssa DeSantis.

Q: Where can I find the journal entry form?

A: The journal entry form, along with all other Financial Affairs forms, is available on the Forms webpage.

Q:  Where should I send the journal entry form?

A: The journal entry form should be sent electronically to one of the following email addresses depending on the nature of the financial transaction:

Q: What do the debits and credits mean on the journal entry?

A: The debits represent increases to expenses or reduction in revenue. The credits represent increases to revenue or reduction in expenses.

Q: Why is it important to have the supporting documentation with journal entries?

A: Supporting documentation allows the team to better understand the purpose and proper accounting of the financial transaction.

Q: Does a hardcopy of the journal entry need to be signed and delivered?

A: Our team only accepts the journal entry form via-email in excel format. There is no need to send the hardcopy of the journal entry form for it to be processed.  In addition, sending the e-mail will serve as the ‘electronic signature’ for the journal entry. 

Q: How should I know what chartstring to use?

An explanation to our chartstring is available on the Chart of Accounts webpage. If you have any further questions please contact