MarketPlace+ Online Ordering Tool

MarketPlace+ is an online Procure to Pay tool for Brandeis University faculty and staff. This tool includes the Procurement Module, The Expense Module and Invoicing.

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Procurement Module

Allows users to request goods and services through punchout catalogs or free-form requisitions, thereby resulting in a paperless ordering environment.

How does it work?

Expense Module

Allows users to request reimbursement for items they have paid for out-of-pocket or reconcile expenses purchased on their P-Card. Procurement can also grant users access to do this function "on behalf of" another user on campus.

How does it work?

Items paid for out of pocket by Brandeis faculty or staff which is deemed reimbursable

Items charged to a University Credit card (P-Card)

Invoices (Forms)

Allows users access to request processing and payment of various types of invoices that are due to suppliers or other nonemployees.* Also allows users access to view invoices charged against purchase orders or to view, edit and modify invoices payable to suppliers and other nonemployees.

How does it work?

*Nonemployees are defined as outside parties and students as well as faculty and staff who do not have access to MarketPlace+ as a user. If you are unsure if someone has access to the system, email