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Best Frenemies Forever? Germany and Russia

Karsten Voigt

Monday March 18th 2019, 12pm-2pm

Faculty Club Lounge

Speaker Karsten D. Voigt is a former member of the German Bundestag and served as the Coordinator of German-North American Cooperation at the Foreign Office of Germany from 1999 to 2010. He also served as Vice-President (1992-1994) and then President (1994-1996) of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO.

From 1976 to 1998, he was a member of the German Bundestag, where he served as Foreign Policy Speaker of the Social Democratic faction from 1983 to 1998. For many years he was Chairman of the German-Soviet, and later the German-Russian parliamentary group.

Voigt is a board member of Aspen Germany and a Senior Associate fellow and member of the presidium of the German Council on Foreign Policy.

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What is Home? A Lecture by Dror Keren

Dror Keren

Monday March 25th 2019

Lecture in English: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Q&A Discussion in Hebrew: 12:00 PM

Merrick Theater, Spingold Theater Center

Brandeis University welcomes Dror Keren, actor, playwright and director.

The funny guy. The creative genius. The winking, witty, geeky, lovable best friend. Dror Keren is one of the most important people in Israeli theatre. He has starred in countless productions over the past 20 years, touring with productions he has adapted, directed and acted in – from Lincoln Center in New York to national theaters in China. Known for his razor sharp wit and punchy-writing, Dror Keren showcases what it means to be Israeli: The dilemma of living in the conflict; acknowledging, as a second generation Holocaust survivor, the need for a Jewish homeland; struggling to find an artistic voice amid people suffering from PTSD and the side-effects of war. Keren has delved into the fundamental question of what, for a writer like himself, is home. Is it within his writing? Is it wherever his readers and viewers are? Or is home just the place where he sits down and writes?

All are welcome! Sponsored by CGES, the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, the Department of Theater Arts, and the Hebrew Program at Brandeis University. For more information, please contact hebrew@brandeis.edu

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Russian Protest Music with Artemy Troitsky

Artemy Troitsky

Tuesday March 26 2019, 2pm - 3:30pm

Skyline Commons

Artemy Troitsky is a Russian journalist, music critic, concert promoter, broadcaster, and academic who has taught classes on music journalism. He was described as "the leading Soviet rock critic" by the New York Times in 1988. His publications include "Back in the USSR: The True Story of Rock in Russia", "Tusovka: Whatever Happened to the Soviet Underground Culture", and "Let Me Take You Down to the World of Pop".

This event is co-sponsored by the International and Global Studies Program and the Russian Studies Program.

Deutschlandjahr: Brandeis Catan Competition

A CGES student worker stands behind a table with many Catan games.

Wednesday March 27th 2019, 6pm-10pm

Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library

Join us for a fun evening of competitive board gaming! Novices and expert players are welcome.

Today's Germany is known in the US primarily as an exporter of cars - and perhaps for its Oktoberfest beer. But there is another way in which Germany has been reaching out into many corners of the world: As a producer of board games and puzzles. "CATAN" is one such board game. Invented by Klaus Teuber, it is one of the most popular board games in the US today.

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Brexit - Continuing Chaos?

The United Kingdom flag and the European Union flag.

Friday March 29th 2019, 12pm - 2pm

Faculty Club Lounge

Panelists are Lucy Goodhart of Brandeis University, Mark Crowley of Harvard University, and Robert Savage of Boston College.

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"Wackersdorf" with Director Oliver Haffner

Promotional poster for the film "Wackersdorf". Top half of the poster has five people standing behind a microphone and in front of a barbed wire fence. Bottom half of the poster has a group of anti-nuclear activists protesting. Opposite the activists is a line of police in riot gear.

Sunday April 14th 2019, 7pm

Wasserman Cinematheque, International Business School

Join us for a screening of the film "Wackersdorf", winner of the Audience Award at the Munich Film Festival in 2018, followed by a discussion with the director, Oliver Haffner.

Bavaria in the early 1980s: The economic situation in the town of Wackersdorf is tense. People are losing their jobs and there is no boom in sight. As district administrator Hans Schuierer’s re-election is in danger, a message from the Bavarian State Government is welcome news: The plan is to build a nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf that would create many new jobs. At first, Schuierer is truly excited and celebrated as a savior by the locals. However he soon becomes suspicious when he realizes how the State Government tries to drastically and illegally mute criticism and nip protests in the bud. He starts to dig deeper and finds out that the plant is by no means as harmless as the government tries to make people believe. Supported by activists and the local priest, Schuierer becomes an outspoken opponent of the planned construction and a figurehead of the protest movement.