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Over the past year, the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) expanded its services and revised its mission to be a responsive, deeply caring center that provides both focused intervention by specialists as well as holistic, integrated intervention in conjunction with campus partners with whom the BCC has forged strong relationships.  BCC staff is clinically skilled across a number of areas of expertise and offers treatment in multiple languages including: Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Workshops for students, faculty and staff, partnerships with the Department of Community Living (DCL), and stress busters have for the first time allowed students to receive care in the community and increase BCC visibility.

The BCC, like most counseling centers across the US, continues to experience a 10-20% increase in demand over the previous year. The BCC values the opportunity to help students negotiate developmental challenges and also feels a strong mission to collaborate with campus partners in supporting students with the most critical needs.  These students come to the BCC with feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, overwhelming anxiety, anger, depression and exhaustion. Brandeis recently participated in the national American College Health Association’s Health and Wellness survey, and we are deeply concerned at the consistently higher rates across the board in each of these domains our students perceive themselves to be impaired over their peers at comparable institutions.

The BCC would like to expand opportunities for the staff and faculty of Brandeis to engage in dialogue about the challenges of caring for our students in the hopes of intervening sooner to prevent issues from escalating.  The earlier the intervention, the more likely it is that we can help them to successfully resolve the issues they are grappling with, and help keep them in school.

We would like the opportunity to come to each department across the University and offer a series of workshops that each department can choose from. BCC staff will be available to attend department meetings and offer a twenty minute workshop followed by twenty to thirty minutes of conversation on an as needed basis. We would be available to present on the following topics:

  1. Resilience in the Classroom – Trigger warnings, student success, and positive mental health;
  2. Identifying and Responding to the Student in Distress – Signs of distress, ways to intervene and calling on your campus partners;
  3. International Students in the Classroom – Understanding and being sensitive to the different academic, psychosocial, and help seeking cultural norms;
  4. Chaos in the Classroom – Responding to a mental health or interpersonal disruption in the classroom;
  5. The Brandeis Student – Overview of Brandeis undergraduate norms from a developmental and psychological perspective;
  6. Introduction to the BCC and Mental Illness – Overview of the BCC services and broad categories of mental illness, symptoms and risks;
  7. Working with Doctoral Students – Helping students navigate the challenges of a doctoral program; and
  8. Modern day Psychiatry – How changes in psychiatry have influenced our student population.

Please contact Joy von Steiger to schedule a staff or faculty training at 781-736-3730 or jvonst@brandeis.edu.

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