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Middle East Brief
How New Is Erdogan’s “New Turkey”?
Hikmet Kocamaner

Middle East Brief
A Passing Generation of Yemeni Politics
Asher Orkaby

Middle East Brief
Iran’s Overeducation Crisis: Causes and Ramifications
Nader Habibi

Middle East Brief
Can Hamas Moderate? Insights from Palestinian Politics during 2005-2011
Khalil Shikaki

Middle East Brief
ISIS In Iraq: What We Get Wrong and Why 2015 Is Not 2007 Redux
David Siddhartha Patel

Crown Center

In the News: April 14, 2015 - The Washington Post
Understanding Iran’s supreme leader on the nuclear deal
Eric Lob, assistant professor of politics and international relations at Florida International University and a former Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center
Amir Hossein Mahdavi, research assistant at the Crown Center

Aside from the possibility that Khamenei may not want to show his hand before a final deal is concluded, what factors explain his rhetorical ambiguity, pessimism and distrust – and should we take him at his word? ... Read More

Middle East Brief
How New Is Erdogan’s “New Turkey”?
Hikmet Kocamaner, Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center

How successful have Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) been in fulfilling promise of a "New Turkey"? In this Brief, Hikmet Kocamaner examines the parallels between the previous Kemalist regime and the current AKP rule by focusing on three shared characteristics. ... Read More

In the News: April 9, 2015 - The Conversation
Iran nuclear deal should boost economy, yet unknowns remain
Nader Habibi, Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East

Despite being conditional and taking place in several phases, the lifting of sanctions will be a major relief for Iran’s economy and it is the main reason for the immediate display of joy and celebration by Iranians. ... Read More

In the News: April 2, 2015 - CCTV America and POTUS
Insight into the recent developments in Yemen
Asher Orkaby, Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center

Asher Orkaby was interviewed on the latest developments in Yemen's civil conflict. Watch on CCTV America and Listen on SiriusXM POTUS.

In the News: March 31, 2015 - The National Interest
Redux: How Yemen Buries Foreign Powers
Asher Orkaby, Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center

With each falling bomb, the Yemeni population grows increasingly more sympathetic for the Houthi movement. ... Read More

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Crown Center Travel and Study Grant

The Crown Center invites applications for travel, research and study grants for Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students. These grants may be used for summer travel/study or for thesis research during the academic year. ... Read More