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The doctoral program normally includes a basic set of courses in the student's own area of interest, supplemented by advanced courses in chemistry and, when appropriate, biochemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics. Students in the Ph.D. program are eligible to participate in the interdepartmental Graduate Program in Quantitative Biology, which provides training in new research fields that cross the traditional boundaries between the life sciences and the physical sciences.

For more information on program requirements, please see the Brandeis University Bulletin.

Requirements and deadlines for admission can be found on the Graduate School's website. Applicants' undergraduate curricula should include courses in physics, mathematics and inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

If you would like information from the chemistry department, please e-mail either Prof. Christine Thomas, Director of Graduate Admissions, or Maryanna Aldrich, Graduate Affairs Administrator, Life Sciences and Chemistry directly. To be added to our mailing list, please fill out our Request for Information form.