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Advising Information

The Economics department advising memo (pdf) has helpful advice on the major, minor, courses and internships.

Note that calculus is a prerequisite for the Econ department's intermediate theory courses (Econ 80a, Econ 82b, Econ 83a and Econ 184b).  To satisfy this requirement students must do one of the following:

  1. Complete Math 10a, an equivalent course, or a more advanced calculus course with a grade of C- or better.
  2. Score at least a 4 on the AP Mathematics AB test or at least a 3 on the AP Mathematics BC test.
  3. Take and pass the department exemption exam. A sample of this exam can be found here. Please note you can only take this exam once.
If you have credit for a calculus course taken at another university or are entitled to Math 10a credit based on your AP exam score or your score on a recognized international exam, you should transfer those credits to Brandeis prior to enrolling in Econ 80a, 82b, 83a or 184b.  If you have taken calculus at another university, you will also need to confirm with the Undergraduate Advising Head, Scott Redenius, that your calculus course can substitute for Math 10a before enrolling in any of these courses.