Job and Internship Resources

Many Economics and Business students choose to complete internships either during an academic semester or during a summer, normally after at least two years at Brandeis.

Most Economics majors and minors interested in getting credit for an internship enroll in Bus 89b. The internship is usually done in the same semester the student takes Bus 89b, but the internship can also have been completed during the prior semester or summer. Bus 89b will provide credit toward the ECON or BUS major only (not minor) and is for 2 credits. Classes involve readings, research reports, a term paper, and discussions related to the internships and the “world of work.” Interested students should consult Scott Redenius for further information. In particular, students are required to keep a weekly journal as they progress through the internship, and they should have a copy of the instructions for that exercise.

There are three additional ways students can get academic credit for an internship.

Hiatt Career Center

The Hiatt Career Center can help you search for jobs and internships. By embarking on an internship, you will be able to sharpen your skills, develop career interests and employer contacts, assess your strengths, and connect classroom theories to practice in real world settings.

Visit the Hiatt Career Center Website