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2013-14 Fall 2013 Spring 2014

Course Offerings for Spring 2014

Steve Dowden

ECS 100a Proseminar: Modernism

Sabine von Mering

GECS 188B Human/Nature:Climate Change

GER 140A Bertolt Brecht

Kathrin Seidl

GER 20B (sections 1 and 2) Continuing German

GER 103A German Culture Through Film


Electives for the German program are divided into courses taught in German and courses taught in English translation. This approach allows students to study German literature and culture at an advanced level without having to first reach full fluency in the language. Those who pursue the German major are encouraged to take as many of their upper-level courses in German as possible.


PHIL 168A - Kant - Robert Greenberg
PHIL 182A - Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations - Eli Hirsch, William Flesh
NEJS 137A - The Destruction of European Jewry - Antony Polonsky