German Studies Program

Stephen Dowden

Stephen DowdenProfessor of German
Chair of the European Cultural Studies Program

Research Interests

Modern German Literature and culture
European modernism
Comparative literature (esp. comparing literature with other art forms)
The novel as form
Literature and philosophy
The avant-garde


University of California, Berkeley, PhD
Texas Tech University, MA
Texas Tech University, BA


Fulbright Senior Research Fellow (Innsbruck, Austria) (2016)
Senior Faculty Research Leave (2015)
Davis Fellow, Brandeis University (2013)
Norman Research Travel Grant (2004)
Humboldt Fellowship (University of Konstanz) (1993–1994)
Morse Fellowship (Yugoslavia) (1987–1988)
Fulbright Summer Seminar (Bonn and Berlin) (1986)
Fulbright Fellowship (Vienna and Tuebingen) (1981–1982)

Select Publications

Dowden, Stephen. Modernism and Mimesis. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. 

Dowden, Stephen, Olaf Berwald, and Gregor Thuswaldner. Thomas Bernhard's Afterlives. London: Bloomsbury, 2020. 

Steve Dowden and Thomas Quinn, eds. Tragedy and the Tragic and German Literature, Art, and Thought. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2015.

Dowden, Stephen, Meike G. Werner. German Literature, Jewish Critics: The Brandeis Symposium. Camden House, 2002.

Dowden, Stephen, ed. Companion to Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain. Columbia SC: Camden House, 1999.

Dowden, Stephen. Kafka's Castle and the Critical Imagination. Columbia SC: Camden House, 1995.

Dowden, Stephen. Understanding Thomas Bernhard. University of South Carolina Press, 1991.

Dowden, Stephen, ed. Hermann Broch: Literature, Philosophy, Politics. Columbia, SC: Camden House, 1988.

Dowden, Stephen. Sympathy for the Abyss: A Study in the Novel of German Modernism. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1986.

Select Courses Taught

COML 121b: Tragedy and the Tragic
COML 150b: Critique of Erotic Reason
ECS 100a: European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Modernism
GECS 100a: German Literature, Music, and Film
GECS 180b: European Modernism and the German Novel
GER 105a: Learning Language through Literature/Learning Literature through Language
GER 109b: Meisterwerke Deutscher Kurzprosa
GER 121a: Der Eros und das Wort: Lyrik, Prosa, Drama
GER 181a: Franz Kafka's Erzählungen
HUM/UWS 1a: Tragedy: Love and Death in the Creative Imagination

Affiliated Departments/Programs

Comparative Humanities
Comparative Literature and Culture
European Cultural Studies

Full List of Publications