Massachusetts Teaching Certificate

A student majoring in German may obtain the Massachusetts teaching certificate at the high school level by additionally completing the requirements of the Education Program. Interested students should meet with the program director.

Major Requirements

The German Studies major requires:

  • ECS 100a: European Cultural Studies Proseminar: Modernism, to be completed no later than the junior year.
  • GER 103a: German Culture Through Film
  • GER 105a: Writing on the Wall: Literature, the Arts, and the Fall of the Wall
  • GER 109b: Meisterwerke Deutscher Kurzprosa
  • Five additional German literature/culture courses above GER 105a, at least two of which must be conducted in German

Majors wishing to graduate with departmental honors must enroll in and complete GER 99d (Senior Thesis), a full-year course, or GER 99b (Senior Essay), a one-semester course. Before enrolling, students should consult with the undergraduate advising head. Candidates for departmental honors must have a 3.50 GPA in German courses previous to the senior year. Honors are awarded on the basis of cumulative excellence in all courses taken in the major and the grade on the honors thesis or essay. One semester of the senior thesis or the honors essay may be counted toward the six required upper-level courses.