Teaching origami folding

In spring 2008, JAPN 105b students, including Michael Pitt, taught the children origami folding at the Prospect Hill Terrace Community Learning Center



折り方を知っていることは、子供にも大人にも特に大事なこととか役立つことではないけれど、子供に何かの仕方を教えることは非常に必要なことだと思う。と いうのは、子供がずっと自分で何かが出来たら、自信を持つようになるだろう。そんな自信は、成功するために極めて大切なことだと思う。




English Version

On March 30th, 2008, I went to the Prospect Hill Community Center with five other Japanese language students in order to teach Origami to the children of Prospect Hill.  The children seemed very pleased, and we really had a good time.

Origami is not a particularly important thing to know, for either adults or children; however, I think that teaching a child how to do things is extremely important.  When children can do something completely by themselves, they gain confidence.  I think that this kind of confidence is extremely important for life success.

In addition, in order for children to become adults who will take responsibility for the condition of our world, I think an international education is necessary.  Towards that end, children must learn about the cultures of other countries.  Japan is only one part of the world, but I am happy to teach what little I know about Japanese culture.

If possible, I would like to return to the Prospect Hill Community Center in the near future, in order to teach the children about some other aspect of Japanese culture; calligraphy, for example.  To the extent that I am able, I would like to attempt to provide these children with both a sense of confidence and an international education. 

~Michael Pitt