Japanese Language Program

Japanese Language Program Faculty

Matthew Fraleigh
Associate Professor of East Asian Literature and Culture
781-736-3229 Mandel 115

Expertise: Classical and modern Japanese literature and language, cultural and literary exchange between China and Japan, literature of travel, Sinitic poetry and prose in East Asia

Hisae Fujiwara
Hisae Fujiwara
Assistant Professor of Japanese
Director of the Japanese Language Program, Undergraduate Advising Head
781-736-2976 Mandel 116

Expertise: Vocabulary acquisition in Japanese as a foreign language, Kanji acquisition for students with alphabet-language backgrounds, using strategies for reading Japanese as a foreign language

Yukimi Nakano
Yukimi Nakano
Senior Lecturer in Japanese
781-736-2069 Mandel 117

Expertise: Japanese language, second language acquisition (English as a second language and Japanese as a foreign language), Japanese literature (17th-century Haikai and work of Matsuo Basho)

Mayumi Tamaki
Mayumi Tamaki
Lecturer in Japanese
781-736-5240 Mandel Pod 126