Congratulations to all 2014 prizewinners and award recipients!


Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Prizewinner

Russian Studies UDR Joseph Babeu was awarded the Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Prize by the American Council of Teachers of Russian. This is a national honor that recognizes a language student who embodies the best qualities of a post-secondary Russian student.

Fifteenth Annual Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Award Recipients

Five Russian Studies language students received awards in the Fifteenth Annual Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest that was held at Brandeis in January. In this year's contest, there were 1004 essays submitted from 58 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. Three judges read each essay and independently ranked them. Here is what one of the judges said:

Нам было приятно работать с вашими изумительными работами. В наше время, когда вокруг так много непонимания и порой даже ненависти, эти работы становятся спасительным лекарством для души. Значит, ещё не всё так уж плохо, ещё остаются надежды, что всё будет хорошо.” (Translation: "We were pleased to work with your outstanding essays. At these times of widely spread misunderstanding and often hatred, your works serve as life-saving medicine for the soul. They mean that everything is not as bad as we may think and that things will get better.")

Award Recipients:

Category: "Heritage speaker, no prior formal Russian language education"

  • Igor Berman (Freshman): Honorable mention

Category: "Heritage speaker, 1-3 years of formal language education"

  • Dave Benger (Senior, former Russian Studies UDR) - Bronze medal
  • Maria Alkhasova (Senior, former Russian Studies UDR) - Honorable mention
  • Anastasia Austin (Senior) - Honorable mention
  • Daniel Shor (Sophomore) - Honorable mention

Brandeis has participated in the contest since 2009.

Russian Culture Week 2014

Students get ready for RCW 2014Russian Culture Week 2014 was held on March 10-15, and included a number of Russian cultural events, including Cheburashka doll crafting, tea and Russian pop music, a student talent show, a movie night, and an authentic Russian dance party.

For a complete list of RCW 2014 events, please see our Past Events page or visit the RCW 2014 Facebook page.