Recent PhD Graduates

Director of History, Federal Judicial Center, Washington, DC
areas of study: modern U.S. history with a focus on law and imperialism.
Her dissertation, "Courtroom Colonialism: Philippine Law and U.S. Rule, 1898-1935," examines the relationship between the development of modern Philippine jurisprudence under U.S. colonialism and the rising global power of the U.S. state in the early twentieth century.

Senior editor, The Atlantic [Politics section], Washington, DC
areas of study: social and cultural history of the United States.
Dissertation title: "The Guilded Age: The American Ideal of Association, 1865-1900."  Yoni held a competitive University Prize Instructorship at Brandeis in 2008 and received a Mellon Dissertation Year Fellowship.  He has taught at Babson College and worked as a regular columnist for the Atlantic.

Federal Judicial Center, History Department, Washington, DC
areas if study: American legal and political history. 
His research focuses on the ways federal judges manipulated the rules governing access to their courts to enhance their own power and shape the contours of public discourse since the Civil War.  The title of his dissertation is "Hand of the Law: Access, Process and Politics in the Federal Judiciary, 1860-2010."

Program Director, Primary Source, Watertown, MA
areas of study: Early American, Native American, and American legal history. 
Dissertation title: "The Native Question: Rights, Sovereignty, and Empire in the Anglo-American World, 1810-1890."

Instructor in History, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Dissertation title: "Documenting Citizens: Birth Registration and American Identities, 1890-Present." 

Assistant Professor of History, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
areas of study: American social movements, cultural constructions of gender, and visual and material culture during the long nineteenth century. 
She won external fellowships from the American Antiquarian Society, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and numerous others in support of her dissertation, "Images of Change: Picturing Women's Rights from American Independence through the Nineteenth Amendment."

Director, Henry George Birthplace, Archive, and Historical Research Center
areas of study: American political, social, and cultural history
Dissertation title: "The Last Tax: Henry George and the Social Politics of Land Reform in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era"

Accepted a two-year Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in the 'Roots of Contemporary Issues' program, in the Department of History at Washington State University. There, she will teach, do research, and contribute to the development of new pedagogies in history, in an innovative core program designed to provide high quality humanities education to students of all majors. This summer she will also participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar at Oregon State University, entitled " Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia: The Voices of Women in Literature, Cinema and Other Arts." Her upcoming book manuscript is a history of the relationship between French settler colonialism, Muslim nationalism and the policy of 'assimilation'  in Algeria, which is expected to go to press during the fellowship term.

Senior Oral History Officer, U.S. Army Heritage and History Center, Carlisle, PA
areas of study: U.S. Diplomatic History, U.S. Military History, U.S. Political History, National Security Politics
Dissertation title: "To the Brink of War: Foreign Policy Crises in East Asia in Eisenhower’s First Term"
In 2012, a chapter of his thesis won first prize in the Cold War Essay Contest administered by the John A. Adams '71 Center for Military History and Strategic Analysis at the Virginia Military Institute.

Assistant Professor, department of History and Art History, George Mason University
areas of study: American religious history, digital history, computational history, 19th-century U.S. history
Dissertation title: "The Varieties of American Conversion: The Origins of Religious Choice in the United States." 

Assistant Professor of History, William Woods University, Fulton, MO
areas of study: American colonial, revolutionary, and early republican eras. 
He won numerous fellowships in support of his dissertation, "Rightly to Be Great: Ideas of Honor and Virtue among the American Founders."

Director, Ten Bridge Communications
areas of study: history of science and technology
Dissertation title: "Milk: A New England History."